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Fitness studio owners are notoriously flat out busy servicing their clients, as it should be.  But health and fitness business marketing is more complex and more important now than ever.

When you work with the team at Fitness Studio Marketing (John Macgowan and Bill Pryor), each project is customized to your specific need, and focused on one thing:  finding more customers for your fitness business.   First we assess your business, your marketing, your web presence and your goals.   We can help you create a state-of-the-art web presence from scratch —- or if you have a good start, we can work with you to enhance your online presence and other marketing activities.  The initial discussion and proposal are free. You have nothing to lose.   Our Services include:

Business plan development
If you are considering the launch of a group exercise studio, yoga studio, cycling studio, SPINNING® studio, or other fitness business,  we can prepare a basic business plan to give a a sense of what investment is realistic, and what kind of profit you can make.  It includes start-up costs, revenue and expense budgets for year 1 and year 2,  operating and marketing plans and more.

Web services and automation.
In addition to building websites and blogs, the Fitness Studio Marketing team has experience automating your scheduling, reservation, email promotion and other activities.  There are tools today that allow you to inexpensively manage your business from anywhere you can get online…..we simplify this and train you.

Marketing and “findability”.
A huge percentage of new customers for fitness businesses are starting their search online. Making your fitness business website findable does not have to be expensive, but it does require a proactive and ongoing effort, having a website is a start, but there are a range of activities needed to give you the Google “juice” you need.

Content Marketing
A key to virtually all effective fitness business marketing today is the creation of “content” that educates, informs, inspires or entertains your prospective customers.  We have developed content marketing strategies that can help you make your studio stand out.  We also have experience with specific promotions that are proven revenue-generators.

Social Media, Partnership marketing, ‘Guerilla’ marketing
Throwing an ad in the paper and blasting out thousands of direct mail pieces is a) expensive and b) simply not effective enough to rely on for maximum growth.  Using social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), partnering and linking to other businesses, and ‘guerilla’ marketing in your community have become enormously powerful.  We can help you simply deploy social media for your fitness studio or fitness business.

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