“Because that’s where the money is.”

Cyclists enjoyed seeing this and followed it back to my website LocalClimbs.com

When asked why he robbed banks, famous bank robber Willie Sutton simply replied, “Because that’s where the money is.”

Is your fitness studio marketing message “where the cyclists or runners are?”

I had this idea (which you are free to use by the way) during the Tour de France. The announcers are constantly explaining the percentage grade of the climb for many of the mountain stages of the race.  I wondered how my local climbs compared to climbs in the Tour so I went out and measured a few just for my own knowledge. “I bet other cyclists (or fitness enthusiasts) would appreciate knowing this” was my next thought.

Being the marketer I am, I couldn’t help but think if could use this to drive traffic back to a website. I don’t have my own indoor cycling studio so I created www.localclimbs.com and included it in the stencil I used to mark six popular climbs around where I live.

NOTE: I learned later that many municipalities frown on people painting their streets. So check with them before hand. An alternative would be an inexpensive yard sign that you could pre-print with your studio name and then add the grade before placing them on the side of the road.

Here is where local search becomes very important.

With Google Analytics installed on this site I know exactly what traffic I have driven and how visitors found the site, i.e typed in www.localclimbs.com or searched for the words  “local climbs.”

Here is a 30 day report for www.localclimbs.com (Click to enlarge)

30 day Google Analytics showing how visitors searched for Local Climbs

Over the past 30 days this site has seen 60 unique visits, 26 of them came via a Google search. Notice how 17 people just searched for “local climbs” or “localclimbs”. One even misspelled Local as “Loacl” and yet Google understood what they meant.

Now I know 26 visitors isn’t many in Internet terms, but considering the value of just one new client I see this having the potential to be a great marketing tool for a studio looking for a unique “Guerrilla” marketing approach. I spent about $10.00 and and a few hours of my time doing everything to attract these visitors. Also check out the comments 10 visitors made on the website expressing their appreciation. This goes to the concept of reciprocity, I give you something of value (the % grade of the climb) and then you feel compelled to do something for me in exchange – leave me a comment THAT ALSO INCLUDES THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS! If I wanted to I could email an invitation offering to visit my studio :)

Would this work for your studio?

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One Response to “Because that’s where the money is.”

  1. John,

    This is a great idea – I love it! I wonder how to fit the hours in the day to go mark climbs. This would be challenging in Denver simply because there are so many riding spots that lead away from the city for the foothills. I’ll have to find the most popular starting points. THANK YOU

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