Can New Clients Find Your Fitness Studio Searching Online?

Stop hiding from your yoga,Pilates or spin studio clientsHave you hidden your website from potential clients searching online?

Are you sure?

The majority of website we review are nearly invisible to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Sometimes these sites are so hard to find it seems like it is intentional.

Try this simple test to see if I’m describing your website: Pretend you are new to your specific area and are looking for a [Your Type of Studio] No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore. They just Google [Your Format] class in _______________ (name of your town) and hit enter.

You try it for your town just like a new resident in your town would.

Do you show up in the top of the search results? No? Do you show up anywhere?

As a demonstration of how we might be of help, try this; Search for Denver Indoor Cycling If you are already in Denver just enter Indoor Cycling  Google already knows where you are.

You can use this link to save time.

This is the results of that search…

Fitness Studio Gets Top Rank In Google Using as an anchor studio profile

From Zero to The Top of Google with a Studio Profile on

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