The Best Indoor Cycling Shoes


What to Look For

Cycling shoes offer still soles to help transfer your pedal stroke into more power to turn the wheels. Indoor cycling shoes still provide comfort for long sessions while maximum pedal push. Unlike other cycling shoes, indoor shoes have sole materials that do not mark the gym floors but still allow for a cleat for attaching to the pedals, breathability. Because of the controlled conditions these shoes are worn for, indoor cycling shoes tend to be made of thinner materials.

Common Pitfalls

Before purchasing any indoor cycling shoes, find out what model pedals the gym has installed on their bikes. Not all shoes will accept the cleats for all pedals.

Where to Buy

Most sporting goods stores and larger independent bike stores will carry indoor cycling shoes. While they may not have the specific model in stock, most places deal with Shimano for many other items and can usually order a pair in. While these shoes can certainly be purchased online, try them on to obtain the best fit.


Indoor cycling shoes start at $50 for the low end and increase to around $300.

Comparison Shopping

In cycling shoes, you tend to get what you pay for. If you take Spinning® classes periodically, the $50 pair will be fine. If you Spin® multiple times a week, splurge for a more expensive pair.


Do not forget to purchase cleats. Bike shoes do not come with cleats. Bring the manufacturer and model information for your gym’s pedals to get the right ones. Expect to shell out another $15 to $30 for the cleats. Most bike stores will be happy to attach them to your shoes before you leave the store.

Insider Tips

Keep the Allen wrench that comes with the cleats or purchase one that fits. Cleats work loose over time, and this will prevent you from getting a clean release from the pedal. Make it a habit to tighten the cleat before each workout.


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