Using video to market your fitness studio / Google findability

You are probably well aware of the explosive popularity of YouTube, and you’ve probably noticed you are seeing video easily accessible on all sorts of websites.  No question video is a great way to highlight your studio… can tell your story in a very compelling way.

Were you also aware that the presence of video on your website is viewed positively by Google?  It increases your online findability, and this is a major marketing benefit.  The tools to create and distribute video are so inexpensive and easy to use, there is very little reason not to integrate a few videos into your online presence.    Here are a few ideas on how to use video (click here to see actual fitness studio examples).

  1. Provide an overview of your studio or facility
  2. Promote your studio via interview  of an owner or key person
  3. Be an expert / provide an instructional video
  4. Customer testimonials

There are obviously professionals that can help you produce quality video, but if you or a friend have a few basic tools and some tech savvy, you can create video content that gives a cool sense of your studio.  Even a few brief minutes can be quite effective.

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One Response to Using video to market your fitness studio / Google findability

  1. johnmac says:

    It’s important not to be intimidated by the quality you see from others. I have shot some very fun videos using just my iPhone or a low cost HD camera like the Kodak Zi8 which cost less than $120.00

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