Who uses Yellow Pages vs. Google? It depends on your target market.

Do you use the Yellow Pages any more? I don’t and I’m frustrated whenever I find a new one on my front porch because it goes right into the recycling can.

When I’m looking for anything, I start with Google. I want the basics; Movie, location and time. That’s it. I don’t want to have to look up the phone number of a local movie theater so I can call and listen to a 5 minute recording about; where they are located, “Playing in Studio #1 Toy Story 3, 12:50, 3:30…. I search for Toy Story 3 and Google, because they know where I am, gives me local listings with the exact information I want (location & time) + additional links to more info if I want it.

It’s just so much easier and faster to search online. They movie theaters understand this and are continuously updating their sites with the latest information.

I was curious as to who still uses the Yellow Pages to find local information. So I Googled Yellow Pages vs Google and found this interesting article from last year that included this chart that shows who still uses the Yellow Pages and who is using search (Google, Yahoo & Bing)

Fitness Studios can use google or the yellow pages What age is your typical client / customer?

Based on this chart, how are they looking for you?

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