Sales Rep Help With Amazon Vendor Central

Our friends at Manufacture Sales Representative Tana Sales are experts with Vendor Central and can help your company navigate the process of becoming a successful vendor to the worlds largest online retailer,

As a Vendor Representative, Tana Sales focuses exclusively on With representatives on the ground in Seattle, WA and Minneapolis, MN – they have the buyer relationships in place that delivered $49 million (cost) in sales last year.

Do you need help answering these questions?

  • Is my company ready for
  • What are Amazon’s margin requirements?
  • Will Amazon respect my MAP?
  • Where can I find a contractor to manage Vendor Central? -Amazon’s Extranet program for Vendors to manage purchase orders, upload images, NIS New Item Setup, etc…
  • Where can I find help using Drop Ship Central?

Make a call  to Craig Andrews 612-750-9600 or email Craig to begin your relationship with today.

5 Responses to Sales Rep Help With Amazon Vendor Central

  1. eli green says:

    just got approved with vendor central and need help.

    please advise!

  2. Tamilee says:

    I cannot get Amazon to help me with my vendor account! Can you? Every time I try to edit the email, it says an error. Any suggestions?

  3. Linda Ikeda says:

    I think I need some help with Vendor Central in order to get back to the kind of sales we were doing a few months ago.
    We have been with Vendor Central for about 2 years or less.

  4. Linda Ikeda says:

    Yes, I need help with vendor central

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