Is or similar lead generator services worth the money?

Spend some time on Google researching your Fitness Studio Business and you are bound to see ads the say “Cycling Classes Near You” or “Yoga Classes Near You”. Many come from a company called, an Internet Lead Generator service. If you click their link you will be taken to a page where you can enter your zip code. I haven’t tried using their service as an owner, but I did try to call them for more information. Their voice mail service kept disconnecting me until I gave up. This blogger with a Personal Training service says each lead cost him $8.00 + $60.00 per month + $300.00 to signup and none of the leads he paid for ever became clients :(

Is worth paying for fitness leads?

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One Response to Is or similar lead generator services worth the money?

  1. Bill says:

    I used this service for about a year…….and justified it on the basis that I could identify a few new customers that came out of it and maybe they “word of mouthed” in others. I did get a few…..but the retention was bad and there was huge waste……..for a while I tried calling or emailing each lead personally, many had no recollection, or were in different parts of the country. I got tired of tracking it, and calling for refunds (which you could do for bogus leads). Bottom line in my opinion? There are better ways to spend your time and money on marketing.

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