001 Fitness Studio Marketing Podcast – Why a Fitness Studio Marketing Podcast?

Here at long last is the Fitness Studio Marketing Podcast episode #1.In it Bill Pryor and I explain “why” we have undertaken this project.  Information about the book I mention, Start With Why can be found here.  You may listen to this episode here or use the link in the right side bar to subscribe using iTunes.

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44 Million iPhones… can any of them find your Fitness Studio?

Can your Fitness Studio be found on an iPhone or other Smart Phone?If you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Droid or other Smart Phone you probably use the GPS Maps feature to guide you around town. Because all of these phones know exactly where you are, if you search for “Yoga” in the map’s search field you will get Google map results showing businesses offering Yoga near your location.

Have you done a similar search for your format to see if your studio shows up? What did (or didn’t) you find?

I had some extra time while I was in a western suburb of Minneapolis and thought I would try this test and see what I would (or wouldn’t) find….
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Case history: New customers from searches, one fitness studio’s experience

We recently found out very directly how many new customers we were getting from online searchers…..it was an eye opener.  Early in our studio’s history, we deployed a popular, powerful and highly effective business tool called Mindbody Online. Most people think of Mindbody Online as primarily an online scheduler — which it certainly is, but it also contains a variety of tools to help manage and market your business. Since we have a small studio and very little staff, we have built a business heavily reliant on our customers interacting through our website. They make 97% of their purchases there, they learn about promotions there and they book classes there……it’s great, because it means we can focus on our classes and events.

Here’s the thing. Since you MUST create an online account to use our studio, we employ a Mindbody Online feature that REQUIRES new customers to tell us where they heard about us.  That field is the only other required field other than name and email address.  Periodically we create reports.  Here is one that covers 60 days of our business.
Increase your studio’s revenue with a MindBody with a 30 day free trial.

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Is GymTicket.com or similar lead generator services worth the money?

Spend some time on Google researching your Fitness Studio Business and you are bound to see ads the say “Cycling Classes Near You” or “Yoga Classes Near You”. Many come from a company called GymTicket.com, an Internet Lead Generator service. If you click their link you will be taken to a page where you can enter your zip code. I haven’t tried using their service as an owner, but I did try to call them for more information. Their voice mail service kept disconnecting me until I gave up. This blogger with a Personal Training service says each GymTicket.com lead cost him $8.00 + $60.00 per month + $300.00 to signup and none of the leads he paid for ever became clients 🙁

Better to use a MindBody with a 30 day free trial.

Is Gymticket.com worth paying for fitness leads?

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Fitness Studio Marketing Podcast #1 Start Your Own Indoor Cycling Studio?

Fitness Studio Marketing help for yoga, pilates and spinning indoor cycling studios.

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UPDATE: We are now offering an Indoor Cycling Instructor jobs board – perfect for any studio owner / manager wanting to find their next Rock Star Instructor.

We have new episodes of the Fitness Studio Marketing Podcast in production coming very soon.

I needed one episode in place so I could submit our feed to iTunes. Episode one is a rebroadcast of an interview I made with Fitness Studio Business Consultant Bill Pryor with Spynergy Consulting on the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast.

This interview and all the positive comments I received from hopeful Fitness Studio owners after they had heard it was the start of Bill and my relationship. After sharing similar horror stories of Fitness Studios with Web Sites that were nearly impossible to find we decided to offer Studio Owners a resource where they could learn how to make improvements to their studio’s online findability.

Note: This episode will be deleted from the iTunes Feed once we publish our new episodes. You can always find it here at indoorcycleinstructor.com.

Increase your studio’s revenue with a MindBody with a 30 day free trial.


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Is your fitness studio “findable” online?

In the current marketplace,  marketing activities for fitness studios increasingly need to center around one over-riding question:  How can I make my Indoor Cycling business for “findable” by Google, Bing, Yahoo  and the other search engines.  Sound simple?  It is.  Consider your own behavior.  When  you are in the market for a service in your area, what are you going to do?  Right after “ask a friend”, comes “go online and search”.

Sure, there are a few people who will still pick up the yellow pages, or look in the local paper —- but do you think the number of those people is growing?  Or dwindling?

“Findability” online for your studio is not random, and it is not out of your control.  There are specific and measurable steps you can take so that more customers will land at your website and then in your studio.

When thinking about opening your cycling studio, or other fitness business…..a key concept is the idea of an “online footprint”.  That is the aggregate amount of content  that gives your business a presence on the web.  It includes not just your website (or websites), but any blogging or commenting you are doing, your Facebook page, Tweeting, Videos and all social media marketing you are doing to enhance your presence.

Another critical component of your online footprint, is the linking between your sites and other credible, authoritative and highly trafficed sites.  The things that impact your Google rank are relevance, credibility, authority and activity……you can impact these factors by what you do with your online activites.

All of this adds up — and increases the odds of a prospective customer stumbling upon you during their online and searching activities.

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Do you have a profile on IDEA’s Fitness Connect?

Your IDEA Fitness Connect Profile linked to your Fitness StudioHere’s an easy and FREE way to increase your online presences with a great link from IDEA’s website. Yes links to powerhouse web sites are very important to you 🙂 There are two options for you to set up a profile; as an Instructor and/or as a Fitness Studio Owner. I suggest getting all of your instructors set-up even if they teach at multiple locations. Instructors can add as many studios as they have.

You can check out my profile here

And Bill has his Instructor profile here

And his two Spynergy Indoor Cycling Studio profiles here and here

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Can New Clients Find Your Fitness Studio Searching Online?

Stop hiding from your yoga,Pilates or spin studio clientsHave you hidden your website from potential clients searching online?

Are you sure?

The majority of website we review are nearly invisible to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Sometimes these sites are so hard to find it seems like it is intentional.

Try this simple test to see if I’m describing your website: Pretend you are new to your specific area and are looking for a [Your Type of Studio] No one uses the Yellow Pages anymore. They just Google [Your Format] class in _______________ (name of your town) and hit enter.

You try it for your town just like a new resident in your town would.

Do you show up in the top of the search results? No? Do you show up anywhere?

As a demonstration of how we might be of help, try this; Search for Denver Indoor Cycling If you are already in Denver just enter Indoor Cycling  Google already knows where you are.

You can use this link to save time.

This is the results of that search…

Fitness Studio Gets Top Rank In Google Using IndoorCycleInstructor.com as an anchor studio profile

From Zero to The Top of Google with a Studio Profile on www.indoorcycleinstructor.com


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