Fitness Studio Marketing Podcast #1 Start Your Own Indoor Cycling Studio?

Fitness Studio Marketing help for yoga, pilates and spinning indoor cycling studios.

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UPDATE: We are now offering an Indoor Cycling Instructor jobs board – perfect for any studio owner / manager wanting to find their next Rock Star Instructor.

We have new episodes of the Fitness Studio Marketing Podcast in production coming very soon.

I needed one episode in place so I could submit our feed to iTunes. Episode one is a rebroadcast of an interview I made with Fitness Studio Business Consultant Bill Pryor with Spynergy Consulting on the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast.

This interview and all the positive comments I received from hopeful Fitness Studio owners after they had heard it was the start of Bill and my relationship. After sharing similar horror stories of Fitness Studios with Web Sites that were nearly impossible to find we decided to offer Studio Owners a resource where they could learn how to make improvements to their studio’s online findability.

Note: This episode will be deleted from the iTunes Feed once we publish our new episodes. You can always find it here at

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