Introducing CyclingStudio.Org

“Our expertise is with Indoor Cycling Instructors and the Business of Indoor Cycling Studios, so why don’t we create a special community for Owners of Indoor Cycling Studios?” That was the question Bill and I were asking ourselves.

It made sense and after searching Google and not finding anything we decided to create CyclingStudio.Org which is a Members Only, online community for and about Spinning® and Indoor Cycling Studios.  It’s open it to Owners, Managers and Potential Indoor Cycling Studio Owners. (If you have some other form of studio, you’re welcome as well. It’s just that the content will be specific to Cycling Studios.)

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If that sounds like something you could use to improve your Cycling Studio then please check it out CyclingStudio.Org. Membership is free for a limited time and we would love your input at our Studio Owners Forum.

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